Does Petco sell bunnies?

Petco does sell bunnies, and they make a great pet for families with small children. They are also low maintenance and relatively easy to care for.

Bunnies are social creatures and do best when they have another bunny friend to cuddle and play with.

Petco sells a variety of bunnies, from Holland Lops to Lionheads. Prices start at around $30 and go up to $100.

Bunnies can live for 10-12 years with proper care, so they are a long-term commitment.

Before you bring home a bunny, be sure to do your research on proper care and have a plan in place. Bunnies need a diet of hay, fresh vegetables, and a small amount of pellets.

They also need plenty of exercise and a clean, safe place to live.

If you’re looking for a fun, furry friend, stop by your local Petco and check out the bunnies!

Does Petco sell bunnies?

Yes, Petco does sell bunnies and they make great pets for families with small children.

Bunnies are low maintenance animals that are easy to take care of. They require hay, fresh vegetables, and a small amount of pellets in their diet as well as plenty of exercise.

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