How much does Tractor Supply Charge for delivery?

Tractor Supply is a national retailer that specializes in agricultural, livestock and pet supplies. They offer products for both home and commercial use. Tractor Supply has over 1,700 stores across the United States and offers delivery to most of them. Delivery is free for orders over $49 and there is a flat rate shipping charge of $4.99 for orders under $49.

Tractor Supply’s delivery charges are very reasonable, especially considering the size and weight of some of the items they sell. For most people, the free shipping on orders over $49 will be more than enough to cover the cost of delivery. However, for those who live in rural areas or have large orders, the flat rate shipping charge of $4.99 is still a good deal. Overall, Tractor Supply’s delivery charges are very fair and are a great way to get your supplies delivered to your door.

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