WHAT DOES Petco do with sick animals?

Petco is a pet retailer that specializes in selling pet supplies and services. They offer a wide variety of products for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and small animals.

They also provide grooming, training, and adoption services.

Petco’s mission is to provide “A Better Way to Care for Pets.” This means they are committed to offering high-quality products and services that keep pets healthy and happy. They also work to educate pet parents on the best ways to care for their furry, feathered, or scaly family members.

One way Petco ensures that pets stay healthy is by offering a variety of preventive care products. These include vaccinations, flea and tick control products, dewormers, and more.

Petco also offers a wide range of food options to meet the needs of every pet. From dry food to wet food to raw food, they have something for everyone.

In addition to preventive care and food options, Petco also offers a variety of services to keep pets healthy. These include grooming, boarding, daycare, training, and adoption services. They also have a team of veterinarians on staff who can provide sick pet care.

So what does Petco do with sick animals? They offer a wide range of services to help them get better. From preventive care to treatment options, they have everything you need to help your sick pet get better.

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