Are Carquest and Advance Auto the same company?

Carquest and Advance Auto are two of the most popular auto parts stores in the United States. Both stores offer a wide variety of auto parts and accessories, as well as a wide range of services. However, there are some key differences between the two stores.

Advance Auto is a national chain with over 3,500 stores across the country. Carquest is a regional chain with about 1,300 stores.

Advance Auto generally has a larger selection of parts and services than Carquest. For example, Advance Auto offers more than 100 different types of batteries, while Carquest only offers about 60.

Advance Auto also has more locations that offer 24-hour service than Carquest. In addition, Advance Auto offers a wider range of online services than Carquest.

For example, you can order parts online from Advance Auto and have them shipped to your home or to an Advance Auto store for pick-up. Carquest does not offer online ordering or shipping.

Finally, Advance Auto offers a loyalty program called the A-List Rewards Program. This program gives customers points for every purchase they make, which can be used to get discounts on future purchases. Carquest does not have a loyalty program.

Based on the above information, it is clear that there are some key differences between Carquest and Advance Auto. However, both stores are excellent places to find auto parts and accessories.

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