Do Tesco sell sparklers?

Yes, Tesco sell sparklers. You can find them in the fireworks section of the store.

Sparklers are a type of firework that you hold in your hand. They have a long, thin wire handle with a star-shaped tip.

When you light the sparkler, the stars on the end of the wire start to burn and create sparks. The sparks fly up into the air and create a sparkling effect.

Sparklers are usually made from iron or steel. The stars on the end of the wire are usually made from magnesium or aluminium. The sparks that they produce are usually white, but they can also be coloured.

Tesco sell both single sparklers and packs of sparklers. The packs usually contain four or five sparklers.

The price of the sparklers depends on the type and size of the pack. Single sparklers start at £0.50, and packs of four or five start at £2.00.

Do Tesco sell sparklers

Yes, Tesco sells sparklers as found in their fireworks section within the store. Sparklers are handheld fireworks where one holds a long, thin wire by a star-shaped tip; lighting the end causes the stars to burn and produce sparks that fly up and create a sparkling effect.

They are made from materials such as iron, steel, magnesium, and aluminum; producing white sparks but can be colored as well. Prices for these fireworks start at £0.50 for a single up to £2.00 for a pack containing four or five Sparklers.

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