Does Ace Hardware sharpen scissors?

Ace Hardware is a hardware store chain in the United States and other countries. It is known for its helpful staff and wide range of hardware products.

Ace Hardware has been in business since 1931. It was founded by Richard ACE and Oscar Fisher. The first store was located in Chicago, Illinois.

Ace Hardware sells a variety of hardware products, including screws, nails, saws, hammers, and more. They also sell power tools, hand tools, and gardening tools. In addition, Ace Hardware sells paint, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, and more.

One question that many people have is whether or not Ace Hardware sharpens scissors. The answer is yes!

Ace Hardware does sharpen scissors. They have a special machine that they use to sharpen scissors. The machine is called a “scissor sharpener.”

If you have a pair of scissors that need to be sharpened, you can take them to your local Ace Hardware store and they will sharpen them for you. There is usually a small fee for this service.

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