Does Advance Auto Parts recycle oil?

Advance Auto Parts is committed to recycling used oil and oil filters in an environmentally responsible manner. We have a network of over 5,000 stores nationwide that participate in our used oil recycling program.

Each year, we recycle millions of gallons of used motor oil and oil filters, preventing them from being disposed of in landfills or other uncontrolled environments.

We partner with the Used Oil Collection Division of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state environmental agencies to promote our program and help ensure used oil is properly recycled.

Customers can bring their used motor oil and oil filters to any Advance Auto Parts store for recycling. Our trained team members will properly collect and recycle the used oil and filters according to EPA regulations.

Advance Auto Parts is proud to be a leader in environmental stewardship, and we will continue to find new ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

Yes, Advance Auto Parts does recycle oil.

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