Does Lowe’s price match Plus 10 percent?

As one of the largest home improvement stores in the United States, Lowe’s offers its customers a variety of savings opportunities. One of the ways that Lowe’s saves its customers money is by offering a price match Plus 10 percent policy.

This policy states that if a customer finds an identical item at a competitor’s store for a lower price, Lowe’s will not only match the price, but also beat it by 10 percent. In addition, if a customer finds an item at Lowe’s that is lower priced than at a competitor’s store, Lowe’s will refund the difference plus 10 percent. This policy provides an extra level of protection for Lowe’s customers, ensuring that they always get the best deal on their home improvement needs.

In conclusion, yes, Lowe’s does price match Plus 10 percent.

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