Does Petco have a scale?

As a nationwide pet retailer, Petco is committed to providing quality products and services for pet parents. This includes having a wide variety of products available for purchase, as well as offering a variety of services such as grooming, obedience training, and more.

One question that we often get asked is whether or not we have a scale at our stores. The answer to this question is yes, we do have scales at our stores!

We understand that pet parents want to be able to weigh their pets from time to time, whether it be for health reasons or simply to keep track of their weight. Our scales are located in the front of the store near the entrance, and we also have a scale in the Petco Pawsitivity Center where our groomers are located.

We hope this answers your question! If not, feel free to reach out to us again. Thank you for being a loyal Petco customer!

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