Does Petco kill animals?

Petco has long been under fire for its treatment of animals. PETA has accused the company of killing animals, and recent events have only added fuel to the fire. In 2016, a Petco employee in San Diego was caught on camera throwing a live hamster across the store. The hamster died as a result of the incident.

In 2017, a dead rat was found in a Petco store in New York City. A former Petco employee has come forward and said that the company routinely kills animals that are sick or injured.

Does Petco kill animals?

The short answer is yes. Petco has been accused of killing animals for years, and there is evidence to support these claims.

Recent events, such as the death of a hamster in 2016 and a rat in 2017, suggest that the company does not take proper care of its animals. Former employees have also come forward and said that Petco routinely kills sick or injured animals. If you care about animal welfare, it is best to avoid doing business with this company.

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