Does Tesco Own Vision Express?

In the UK, the two main supermarket chains are Tesco and Sainsbury’s. However, there is a third player in the form of Asda, which is owned by Walmart. All three of these Supermarkets own a number of other businesses, including petrol stations and clothing stores. One business that they all have a stake in is Vision Express.

Tesco first acquired a minority stake in Vision Express in 2004 and then increased its shareholding to 50% in 2011. In 2014, Tesco bought the remaining 50% of the business and so became the sole owner.

Tesco’s ownership of Vision Express has been beneficial for both parties. For Tesco, it has allowed them to offer their customers a one-stop shop for all their needs, as they can pick up their groceries and get their eyes tested at the same time. For Vision Express, it has given them a greater presence on the high street and access to Tesco’s large customer base.

So does Tesco own Vision Express? The answer is yes -Tesco bought the remaining 50% of the business in 2014 and so became the sole owner.

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