Does Tesco sell lobster tails?

Tesco is one of the world’s largest grocery retailers, with stores in 12 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America. The company sells a wide variety of food and non-food products, including lobster tails. Lobster tails are not typically found in Tesco’s US stores, but are available in some of its UK and Asian stores.

Lobster tails are a popular seafood dish that can be prepared in a variety of ways. They can be boiled, baked, grilled, or steamed.

Lobster tails are typically served with drawn butter and lemon wedges. Tesco’s lobster tails are sourced from sustainable fisheries and are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Whether you’re looking for a special seafood dinner or just want to try something new, Tesco’s lobster tails are a delicious option. So does Tesco sell lobster tails? Yes, in some of its stores around the world.

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