Does Tesco sell Tim Tams?

Yes, Tesco does sell Tim Tams. They are one of the most popular brands of chocolate biscuits in the UK and are known for their rich chocolatey taste. Tim Tams are made by Arnott’s, a Australian company that has been making biscuits since 1865.

Tesco sells both the original and the doublecoat varieties of Tim Tams. The original Tim Tam has a chocolate biscuit base with a chocolate filling, while the doublecoat has two layers of chocolate biscuit with a chocolate filling in between. Both varieties are coated in chocolate and have a distinctive ridged surface.

Tim Tams are a delicious treat that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or something to enjoy with a cup of tea, Tim Tams are the perfect choice. Thanks to Tesco, you can now enjoy these delicious biscuits anytime, anywhere.

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