Does Tesco sell veal?

Veal is a type of beef that comes from young cattle. It is a very popular meat in many countries, but it is also a controversial one. Some people believe that veal production is cruel to animals, as the calves are kept in small pens and fed a diet that is low in iron to keep their flesh pale.

Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain, does sell veal. However, it only sells British Rose veal, which comes from calves that are raised to high welfare standards. The calves are kept in spacious pens with access to the outdoors, and are fed a nutritious diet that includes iron.

So, if you’re looking for veal at Tesco, you can be sure that it has been raised humanely. However, if you’re concerned about the welfare of animals used for meat production, you may want to consider avoiding veal altogether.

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