Does Tractor Supply Co drug test?

The quick answer to this question is yes, Tractor Supply Co. does drug test both potential new hires during the interview process and also current employees during random drug screenings. However, it’s important to note that the company does not have a standard drug testing policy across all locations. This means that the specifics of each store’s drug testing policy may vary slightly.

For example, some Tractor Supply Co. stores may require potential new hires to take a pre-employment drug test as part of the interview process, while others may not have this requirement. And when it comes to random drug screenings for current employees, some stores may do them on a monthly basis while others may only do them once or twice a year.

So if you’re wondering whether or not you’ll be required to take a drug test if you’re applying for a job at Tractor Supply Co., it’s best to ask about the store’s specific policy during the interview process. And if you’re already employed by the company, you can always ask your manager or HR representative about the store’s policy on random drug screenings.

In conclusion, Tractor Supply Co. does drug test both potential new hires and also current employees, but the specifics of each store’s policy may vary slightly.

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