How much do Lowe’s warehouse workers make?

Lowes is a home improvement retailer that employs over 300,000 people in the United States. The average hourly wage for a Lowes warehouse worker is $17.81.

Lowes offers competitive wages and benefits to its employees. The company is committed to providing its employees with opportunities to grow and advance in their careers.

Lowes offers on-the-job training and development programs to help employees develop new skills and knowledge.

Lowes warehouse workers play an important role in the company’s operations. They are responsible for receiving, storing, and shipping products.

They also help customers find the products they need. Lowes warehouse workers are paid hourly, and they can earn overtime pay for working additional hours.

In conclusion, Lowe’s warehouse workers make an average of $17.81 per hour. The company offers competitive wages and benefits, and opportunities for career advancement.

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