HOW MUCH DOES Petco charge for microchipping?

Microchipping your pet is an important way to help ensure their safety and well-being. at Petco, we offer microchipping services for both dogs and cats. The cost of microchipping is just $19.99, and we include the first year of registration with each microchip.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is a tiny computer chip that is implanted under the skin of your pet. Each microchip has a unique identification number that is linked to your contact information in a pet registry database. If your pet becomes lost, a veterinarian or animal shelter can scan their microchip to retrieve your contact information and get them safely back home to you.

How does microchipping work?

The process of microchipping is quick and easy, and can be done during a routine vet visit. A needle is used to inject the microchip under the skin between the shoulder blades, and the whole process takes just a few seconds. There is no surgical incision, and your pet will not require any stitches. Once the microchip is in place, you will simply need to register the chip ID number with a pet registry database of your choice. That’s it!

Your pet is now protected in the event that they ever become lost.

Why should Imicrochip my pet?

There are many reasons to consider microchipping your pet. Microchips are permanent form of identification that cannot be removed or lost like collars and tags can be. They are also much more difficult for someone to fake or alter than other forms of identification. This makes them much more reliable in terms of helping to reunite you with your lost pet. In addition, most animal shelters and veterinarians now have scanners that can read microchips, so if your pet ends up in one of these facilities, they are much more likely to be returned to you quickly and safely.

So, how much does Petco charge for microchipping? Just $19.99! Plus, we include the first year of registration with each chip. Microchipping is a quick, easy, and permanent way to help keep your beloved pet safe – so why not take advantage of this important service today?

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