How old is Sheryl Lowe Rob Lowe’s wife?

Sheryl Lowe is an American jewelry designer and the wife of actor Rob Lowe. She was born in 1963, making her 57 years old.

Sheryl met Rob in 1982 when she was just 19 years old and he was 21. The pair married in 1991 and have since welcomed two sons, Matthew and Johnowen.

Sheryl is known for her work as a jewelry designer, and has her own line called “Real Love.” She also works as a philanthropist, and is involved with various charities.

Rob has spoken about how supportive his wife is, saying “My wife is my best friend and closest confidante. I’m so grateful for her love and support.” It’s clear that the couple have a strong bond, and they continue to support each other through everything.

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