Is Petco still doing adoptions?

In the past year, Petco has been under fire for their adoption practices. They have been accused of not doing enough to screen their potential adoptive families, and of not providing enough information about the animals up for adoption. As a result, many animals have been returned to Petco, or have ended up in shelters.

Petco has responded to these criticisms by making changes to their adoption process. They now require potential adoptive families to fill out a detailed questionnaire and go through an interview process. They also now provide adopters with a packet of information about the animal they are interested in, including medical history and behavior information.

These changes seem to be having a positive effect, as more animals are being successfully adopted from Petco and fewer are being returned. However, there is still room for improvement. For example, Petco could do a better job of matching animals with adopters, based on lifestyle and personality compatibility. They could also provide more support to adopters after the adoption, to help them get off to a good start.

Conclusion: Despite some improvements, Petco’s adoption practices are still not perfect. There is room for improvement in terms of matching animals with adopters and providing support after the adoption.

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