What are the Tim Hortons specialty donuts?

Tim Hortons specialty donuts are often considered the best in the world. Many of the donuts are made with fresh ingredients, and many are made with Tim Hortons’ own special donut recipe.

Some of the most popular Tim Hortons specialty donuts include the Timbits, the Glazed Timbits, the Double Chocolate Timbits, the Strawberry Timbits, and the Blueberry Timbits.

The Timbits are made with pieces of donut dough that are deep-fried and shaped into small balls. The Glazed Timbits are made with a glaze that is poured over the donut balls and then cooked.

The Double Chocolate Timbits are made with two layers of chocolate dough, and the Strawberry Timbits are made with a strawberry glaze. The Blueberry Timbits are made with a blueberry glaze, and the donut balls are topped with blueberries.

The Tim Hortons specialty donuts are some of the best in the world, and they are sure to satisfy any donut lover.

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