What kind of chickens are sold at Tractor Supply?

There are many different types of chickens that are sold at Tractor Supply. Some of the most popular types include the Rhode Island Red, the Sussex, and the Plymouth Rock. These chickens are all bred for different purposes, and each type has its own unique set of characteristics.

The Rhode Island Red is a popular choice for many chicken enthusiasts. These birds are known for their egg-laying abilities, and they are also quite hardy. They can withstand cold weather very well, and they are relatively easy to care for.

The Sussex is another popular choice for chicken farmers. These birds are known for their good meat quality, and they also lay a good number of eggs. They are not quite as hardy as the Rhode Island Red, but they still do well in cold weather.

The Plymouth Rock is a chicken that is known for its docile nature. These birds make good pets, and they are also quite good at laying eggs. They are not as hardy as the other two types of chickens mentioned above, but they still do well in cold weather if they are given proper care.

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