What type of rotors does Advance Auto use?

Advance Auto is an auto parts retailer that offers a variety of products for cars and trucks. One of the products they offer are rotors. There are two types of rotors that Advance Auto uses: OEM and aftermarket.

OEM rotors are made by the same manufacturer as the car itself. They are designed to fit a specific make and model of car.

Aftermarket rotors are not made by the car’s manufacturer. They are made by other companies to fit a variety of makes and models.

Advance Auto offers both OEM and aftermarket rotors. Which type of rotor you choose depends on your budget and your driving needs.

If you do a lot of driving in stop-and-go traffic, you may want to choose an aftermarket rotor that is designed for high performance. If you have a limited budget, you may want to choose an OEM rotor.

Both types of rotors offered by Advance Auto are high quality and will provide long lasting performance.

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