Which is bigger Petco or PetSmart?

There are many different factors to consider when trying to determine which is bigger, Petco or Petsmart. Some of these include:

  • Number of stores – As of 2016, Petco had 1,433 stores in the United States, while Petsmart had 1,478.

    However, this difference is not as significant when considering that Petsmart also has stores in Canada and Puerto Rico, while Petco does not.

  • Total store square footage – When looking at total store square footage, it is estimated that Petsmart has approximately 28.4 million square feet of retail space, while Petco has around 24.2 million square feet.
  • Number of employees – In terms of employees, Petsmart again comes out ahead with around 55,000 employees in the United States as of 2016. Petco had approximately 45,000 employees during the same time period.
  • Revenue – Finally, when looking at overall revenue for the two companies, it is estimated that in 2016 Petsmart had a total revenue of $7.6 billion, while Petco’s revenue was slightly lower at $6 billion.

When taking all of these factors into consideration, it seems that Petsmart is slightly bigger than Petco in terms of store count, total retail space, and number of employees. However,Petco’s slightly lower revenue may be due to the fact that it does not have any stores outside of the United States.

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