Why are the 24/7 Tesco closing tonight?

Why are the 24/7 Tesco closing tonight?

The 24/7 Tesco store in Leicester is set to close its doors for the final time tonight.

The store, which opened in October 2014, has been dogged by problems from the start and has been losing money for years.

The store was originally intended to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week but was forced to close overnight due to staffing issues. This left the store with shorter opening hours than many of its competitors and ultimately led to its demise.

Tesco has been trying to sell the store for some time but has so far been unsuccessful. The decision to finally close the store has been made as a result of ongoing losses.

It is not yet known what will happen to the building once the store closes its doors for good.

The 24/7 Tesco in Leicester is closing down due to staffing issues and consistent losses. The building is unknown as of what will happen to it in the future.

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