Why did Petco stop selling shock collars?

Petco, a national pet retailer, has announced that it will no longer sell shock collars for dogs. The decision comes after extensive research and feedback from customers and animal welfare experts.

Shock collars are devices that deliver an electric shock to a dog’s neck in order to train them. They are often used to correct behaviors like barking, digging, or jumping up on furniture. While they can be effective in some cases, they can also be harmful to dogs if used incorrectly.

Petco conducted a survey of over 1,000 dog owners and found that the majority were not using shock collars safely or effectively. Additionally, the company consulted with animal welfare experts who advised against selling the devices.

“We believe Shock Collars cause more harm than good,” said Dr. Jennifer Coates, Petco’s Veterinary Advisor. “The potential for negative consequences outweighs any potential benefit.”

Shock collars can cause physical pain and distress to dogs, and can even lead to long-term behavioral problems. For these reasons, Petco has decided to stop selling them in stores and online.

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