Why does Tractor Supply not sell tractors?

Tractor Supply is a retailer that specializes in selling agricultural and ranching supplies, such as livestock feed, tools, fencing, and more. While the company’s name might lead one to believe that it sells tractors, this is not the case. So, why does Tractor Supply not sell tractors

There are a few reasons for this. First, Tractor Supply is primarily geared towards serving the needs of small-scale farmers and ranchers, who are unlikely to need or be able to afford a tractor.

Second, selling tractors would require Tractor Supply to partner with a tractor manufacturer, which would add considerable cost and complexity to its business model. Finally, there is already a fairly saturated market for tractors, so Tractor Supply would likely not be able to compete on price.

In conclusion, Tractor Supply does not sell tractors because they are geared towards small-scale farmers and ranchers, partnering with a tractor manufacturer would be too costly, and there is already a fairly saturated market for tractors.

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