Will Advance Auto Parts replace my headlight?

Advance Auto parts will replace your headlight.

Step One:

Purchase the correct replacement headlight for your vehicle. You can do this by visiting the Advance Auto Parts website and searching for your vehicle make, model and year, or by taking your vehicle to a local Advance Auto Parts store and having an employee help you find the right headlight.

Step Two:

Remove the old headlight from your vehicle. This will usually involve unscrewing a few bolts and disconnecting the electrical harness from the back of the headlight.

Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual if you are unsure how to do this.

Step Three:

Install the new headlight in your vehicle. Again, consult your owner’s manual if you are unsure how to do this.

Once the new headlight is in place, screw it in and reconnect the electrical harness.

Step Four:

Test the new headlight to ensure it is working properly. Turn on your headlights and have someone else look at them from the front of your vehicle to make sure they are both shining brightly.

Conclusion: Yes, Advance Auto Parts will replace your headlight for free as long as you have a valid receipt for purchase within 30 days.

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