Does Tesco sell hake?

The short answer is yes, Tesco does sell hake. This delicious white fish is perfect for a healthy and hearty meal, and Tesco has a wide variety of hake products to choose from.

Hake is a type of fish that belongs to the cod family. It is a white fish with a mild flavor that is popular in many countries around the world, including Spain, Portugal, and South Africa. Tesco sells both fresh and frozen hake, as well as hake fillets, steaks, and whole fish.

There are many different ways to cook hake, but one of the most popular is to bake it. This cooking method helps to preserve the delicate flavor of the fish while also keeping it moist and tender. Tesco’s frozen hake fillets are perfect for baking, as they come pre-portioned and ready to cook.

Whether you are looking for a healthy weeknight meal or want to impress your guests with a gourmet dish, Tesco has everything you need to make a delicious hake meal.

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