Does Tesco sell Jenga?

Jenga is a block-stacking, stackable game originally created by Leslie Scott in the 1970s. The game is played with 54 wooden blocks.

Each block is three times as long as it is wide, and one fifth as thick as its length. The blocks are stacked in 18 levels of three blocks each.

To play the game, the first player removes a block from any level of the tower and places it on the top of the tower, perpendicular to the previous block. The second player then takes their turn, and so on. If a player causes the tower to collapse, they automatically lose the game.

The game can be played with two or more players, and there is no age limit. Jenga is popular all over the world, and is a great family-friendly game.

Tesco sells Jenga! You can find it in the toy aisle of your local store. Jenga is a great game for all ages, and makes a great gift for any occasion.

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