Is Carquest and Advance Auto Parts the same store?

Carquest and Advance Auto Parts may be two of the most popular auto parts stores in America, but they are far from the same. Carquest is owned by Advance Auto Parts, but the two stores have very different Target audiences.

Carquest is geared towards professional mechanics and repair shops, while Advance Auto Parts is geared towards do-it-yourselfers and amateur mechanics. This is reflected in the different product offerings of each store. Carquest carries a wider range of car parts and tools, while Advance Auto Parts carries a smaller selection of more popular items.

The two stores also have different return policies. Carquest has a no-hassle return policy for any item, while Advance Auto Parts has a more restrictive policy that only allows returns within 90 days of purchase.

So, while Carquest and Advance Auto Parts are both owned by the same company, they are very different stores with different Target audiences and product offerings.

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