Is Kohl’s discontinuing Chaps?

Kohl’s is discontinuing Chaps, its line of classic American sportswear for men, women and children. The decision to discontinue the line comes as Kohl’s looks to focus on its more profitable brands and categories.

Chaps was launched in 1984 as a private label brand for Kohl’s. The brand was designed to offer classic American sportswear at an accessible price point. Over the years, Chaps expanded beyond sportswear to include dressier clothing and even home goods.

While Chaps was a popular brand, it was not as profitable as some of Kohl’s other brands. In recent years, Kohl’s has been working to streamline its portfolio and focus on growth categories. discontinuing Chaps is part of that effort.

Kohl’s will continue to sell Chaps products through the end of 2020. After that, the brand will be phased out entirely. customers who have Chaps product can continue to use Kohl’s rewards and coupons on those purchases.

Kohl’s is not the only retailer discontinuing a private label brand recently. JCPenney recently announced it would be discontinuing its St. John’s Bay line of casual clothing. Like Kohl’s, JCPenney is looking to focus on its more profitable brands as it navigates the challenges of the retail industry.

Is Kohl’s discontinuing Chaps? Yes, they are in order to focus on more profitable brands

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