Does Tesco sell tamarind?

Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer with headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. It is the third-largest retailer in the world measured by gross revenues and ninth-largest retailer in the world measured by revenues. It has stores in 12 countries across Asia and Europe and is the grocery market leader in the UK (where it has a market share of around 28.4%), Ireland, Hungary, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Tesco was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen as a group of market stalls. The Tesco name first appeared in 1924, after Cohen bought a shipment of tea from T. E. Stockwell and combined those initials with the first two letters of his surname, forming the word TES-CO. Tesco grew rapidly, and by 1939 had over 100 stores across the country.

In 1947, Tesco Stores (Holdings) Ltd was floated on the Stock Exchange with Jack Cohen as chairman. The company was first listed on the London Stock Exchange as “TES” in 1953.

Tesco’s expansion into Europe began in 1974 with a store in Dublin, Ireland. In 1995, Tesco took over the grocery chain William Low after fighting off Sainsbury’s for control of Safeway/Argyll.

Tesco’s entry into Asia began in Thailand in 1998 with a joint venture with Charoen Pokphand (CP) Group. In 2006, Tesco acquired an 80% stake in Casino’s Leader Price Supermarkets in Poland for ¬£383 million (US$767 million).

Does Tesco sell tamarind?

No, Tesco does not sell tamarind.

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