How often does Petco do dollar per gallon sale?

Looking for a place to take your beloved pet to get pampered? Or, perhaps you need to stock up on some supplies for your furry friend? If so, Petco is the perfect place for you!

Not only does Petco offer a variety of services and products for pets, but they also have amazing sales! One of their most popular sales is their “Dollar per Gallon Sale.” So, how often does Petco have this sale?

Petco’s “Dollar per Gallon Sale” is a highly anticipated event by pet-owners all across the nation. This fantastic sale offers select aquariums and tanks for just $1 per gallon! This is an incredible deal, as these tanks and aquariums are usually quite pricey.

This sale is usually offered a few times throughout the year. However, the specific dates of the sale vary. So, be sure to keep an eye out for it!

If you’re in need of a new aquarium or tank, or are simply looking for a great deal on one, be sure to check out Petco’s “Dollar per Gallon Sale.” You won’t be disappointed!

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