Is Carquest and Advance Auto the same?

Carquest and Advance Auto are two of the leading providers of automotive parts and supplies in the United States. Both companies offer a wide range of products for all types of vehicles, from cars and trucks to motorcycles and ATVs. Carquest is a subsidiary of Advance Auto Parts, so the two companies are closely related.

While Carquest and Advance Auto share many similarities, there are also some important differences between them. Carquest stores are typically larger than Advance Auto stores, and they offer a wider selection of products. Carquest also has a stronger presence in the online market, with an extensive website that offers features such as order tracking and product availability.

Advance Auto is the larger company of the two, with over 3,500 stores across the country. However, Carquest has a stronger presence in certain regions, such as the Northeast and Midwest. Both companies offer competitive prices and quality products, so it really comes down to personal preference when choosing between them.

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