Why did Petco stop selling rabbits?

Petco, a national pet retailer, recently stopped selling rabbits in their stores. This has caused many people to wonder why they would make such a decision.

There are a few possible reasons for this change. First, Petco may have been getting pressure from animal rights groups. These groups believe that rabbits should not be kept as pets, and they may have been protesting outside of Petco stores or sending them letters asking them to stop selling rabbits.

Another possibility is that Petco was losing money on rabbit sales. Rabbits are not as popular as other pets, such as dogs and cats, so they may not have been selling as many rabbits as they were hoping to. It’s also possible that the cost of caring for rabbits was higher than the revenue they were bringing in from selling them.

Whatever the reason, Petco’s decision to stop selling rabbits has left many people disappointed. Rabbits can make great pets, and they deserve to be sold in pet stores alongside other animals. Hopefully, this decision will be reversed in the future and rabbits will once again be available at Petco stores.

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